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Event: Autumn 2010 Concert (Our World - music for a precious planet, in association with the Royal British Legion)

Saturday 13th November 2010 at 7:30pm, TBC

Our World - music for a precious planet

We are proud to be performing this concert on the eve of Remembrance Sunday and to be offering our support to the Royal British Legion, to whom some of the proceeds of the ticket sales will be donated. The programme includes the premier performance of The Most Fortunate Generations, in which composer James Francis Brown sets words by author and poet (and former HCS member) Brian Levison. We will also be performing Howard Blake's Song of St Francis, which was very well received and much enjoyed when we perfomed it in the Summer of 2004, and extracts from Haydns evergreen oratorio Creation.

The concert programme, about Our World, is in fact highly appropriate for an occasion of gratitude and remembrance. Creation describes the emergence of calm and order from the chaos and darkness that preceded it, while the message of peace in Song of St Francis is particularly poignant on a day such as this. The Most Fortunate Generations recognises the sacrifices made by others to give us the world that we have been fortunate enough to inherit, but which we may be taking for granted. Brian Levison describes the sentiment which led him to write the poem which provides the libretto for the work:

"My generation, born in the forties & fifties, is indeed the Most Fortunate Generation. We grew up after the war which others fought to safeguard our future; conscription was abolished so we didn't get involved in other conflicts; on the whole, we always knew where our next meal was coming from"

Members and supporters of our Armed Forces and Royal British Legion will be particularly welcome at the Concert and we hope that you have a very enjoyable evening.

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